Sadr asked his supporters to end the sit -in in front of the gates of the fortified Green Zone in Baghdad

MARCH 31, 2016

BAGHDAD AFP b Shiite leader Moqtada al-Sadr called on his supporters Thursday protesters two weeks ago in front of the gates of the fortified Green Zone in Baghdad to end the sit-in after he gave Iraqi Prime Minister lineup government of technocrats to parliament.

Sadr said in a televised speech from inside the tent Aatsamh inside the Green Zone, "his brother (Haider) Abadi (Prime Minister) courageous step (...) to declare a full ministerial lineup today except the ministries of interior, defense and put it in the hands of the House of Representatives."

"This is one of the fruits of Aatsamkm and will be voted on in a week or ten days, no more."

He said al-Sadr "from here and from this standpoint to do the following, and Aaenoni on, first, the continued mass demonstration after Friday prayers each and every province to put pressure on parliament to vote on cabinet reshuffle, which we hope will be far away from the ruling party."

He also said, "ending Aatsamatkm in front of the green gate with thanks and appreciation to you and you have to pull the organizer and bid farewell to the security forces not to approach the heavily fortified area, and thanks for its security forces," adding that "any attack is an attack on".

This comes after he gave Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Thursday ministerial lineup of technocrats to the presidium of the parliament includes 16 bag except the ministries of interior and defense.