Names-corruption scandal in the world: an Iranian company paid bribes to senior officials of Iraq


Thursday , 31st March 2016

Started - Lamis Mr.: in a report titled "So he bought the west of Iraq," revealed the Fairfax Media, the Huffington Post US for what it calls the biggest bribery scandal in the world, is involved with senior Iraqi officials and prominent names in the country to facilitate the sale of shares of the oil to Western countries through company "Unaoil" or "Una Oil", owned by an Iranian businessman named Atta Ehsani its headquarters in the state of Monaco, Europe.

The names of those involved and display investigative reporting and exclusive , for "Veer fax" - which translated writings News, the names of those involved scandal , corruption, led by Higher Education Minister Hussein al - Shahristani, deputy prime minister for energy, Uday al - Qurashi A senior official at the South Oil Company, and Basil surgeon who is a link between the Iraqi officials and the company "unaoil" oil.

Notable names also , which received the investigation, the name of each of: Abdul Karim and coffee, Iraq 's oil minister in the previous government, and Jafar al - Musawi, director of the southern oil company, and Kifah Numan , who took over as director SOC - era oil minister Thamer Ghadhban.

The investigation revealed that the surgeon enjoy broad connections with senior Iraqi officials, and had it depends "on the delivery of bribery in the right time for a man. revealed tens of thousands of secret messages between the surgeon and the company" Una oil "reveal bribes actuated by senior State officials to get the billions of dollars, in favor of the Multi National America, Britain and parts of Europe and Australia , oil companies for decades.

The investigation confirmed that the surgeon was dealing very carefully in his tracks, where he was held transactions inside hotel rooms late at night using passwords to communicate Almndoby with the oil companies.

Is the narrator operations by foreign companies to officials in Iraq in violation of the promises of the United States to maintain the oil for the benefit of the Iraqi people, where it is stated that the Iraqi oil Ministry building was one of the most authorities imposed at the time of the US invasion security escort.

Kifah Numan .. equals official went on despite the US policy toward Iraq 's oil, the investigation confirmed that the struggle of Naaman, a senior Iraqi oil, the American company FMC helped brokered by the surgeon, the possession of the tenders was owned by its competitors. Numan was responsible for the largest and most powerful state - owned company , a "South Oil" company, so it was an important official in the list of the surgeon.

The investigation revealed by looking at their correspondence surgeon with "Una Oil", he was paying bribes in the form of gifts to Naaman because "a high value can not leave it to competitors from Dubai clients , and spend more time with him is a benefit behind it seeks other clients "and added that" US dollars in 2684 to spend on gifts for Naaman equal to 100 times the figure that we can not complete the deal without Rolls - Royce "

Dhia al - Musawi .. official unsatisfied right of bribes !! filled Musawi , the position of the former head of the South Oil Company, and the title in correspondence surgeon as the lighthouse or the Lighthouse, where it was the most important Iraqi officials in the field of oil, and was the first to meet with Iraqi Prime Minister if he visited Basra, the company 's headquarters, and was held with sessions private talks, so cemented surgeon 's relationship with him and sent to Cyrus Atta, the son of Atta Ehsani, owner of "Una Oil" list of purchases and gifts for Musawi, one of them attempts to buy Emirati him stay, telling him in the message, "We did this Nov right man yet , " referring to the bribes that were Tdfa "Una oil" for Iraqi oil officials.

Hussain al - Shahristani .. teacher and the investigation concluded that the amount of bribes paid to Iraqi officials reached a $ 40 million, Hussain al - Shahristani won the $ 16 million of which to gain support in order to get a hold of the pipeline is estimated at $ 600 million.

It was nicknamed the correspondences surgeon to "teacher" or "teacher Join ", which is considered one of the most famous personalities in the Arab world, according to Algarir, where he entered the prison to oppose Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, and ascended to the post of oil minister after the overthrow of Saddam and then as deputy prime minister in 2010.

He said the investigation that the person named Ahmed Jubouri was working as an intermediary between al - Shahristani warmest state officials bribed them Ojellalhsol information about oil tenders and transfer mediator surgeon to capitalize on global companies from them.