Last-minute talks before announcing a cabinet reshuffle include negotiations with al-Sadr


Thursday , 31st March 2016

Being Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi is being a last - minute talks with the two committees Mkfattan nominate ministers change in government is expected to submit it to Parliament this afternoon to postpone the date of the specified hours amid tight security and the spread of intensive forces security backed by armored vehicles with the closure of the entrance to the Green Zone , leading to the parliament.

It meets Abadi is currently with the Committee of experts for the selection of candidates for ministerial bags , headed by MP Mehdi al - Hafez and with the tripartite Commission of the Shiite alliance , which includes Hadi Amiri , head of the Badr Organization, Hamid Maaleh leader of the Supreme Islamic Council and Faleh al - Fayad , the national security adviser. Parliament has begun its regular discussion of some of the laws before it projects awaiting the arrival of al - Abadi to provide lineup includes eight new ministers.

For his part , sent Abadi envoy to Moqtada al - Sadr Mutassim leader inside the Green Zone to inform him of the selection of a number of candidates to take over ministerial portfolios while also arrived parliament speaker adviser to the tent chest negotiations to inform him of the need for calm and work not to loose the situation by the actions of non - Mshsoppe supporters of the protesters outside the green .. concurrently he began to hold the heads of political blocs to a meeting now to discuss the nature of the cabinet reshuffle and options contained happen today and the position of the reshuffle and nature.

The spread of security forces heavily in green and around the area in anticipation of the storm the followers of cleric Moqtada al - Sadr official buildings with the deadline set by parliament for Ebadi to deliver a technocrat government lineup that finished. And spread elements forces dedicated to protecting the Green Zone , the fortified perimeter region to Baghdad Brigade in preparation for the arrival of al - Abadi.

Was also shut down a number of bridges and roads surrounding the Green Zone and Mqterpatha as security forces stepped up the spread of elements of armored vehicles and barriers barbed bridges Republic and Sinak and roads leading wire to the Green Zone , forcing citizens to walk on their feet to join in the resolution of some of their jobs to stay in their homes and follow the latest developments on television.

For his part , close to a political source said of the prime minister 's office said Abadi past Baslahath and ministerial change and the pressures of some blocks are to maintain the gains and create chaos. He said that some people deliberately trying to block reforms and the ministerial change and go in the country and the political process to a dangerous slippery slope with the presence of security and political and economic challenges and the war against the terrorist gangs which makes it imperative revealed vested interests and those who want to maintain the privileges in order to walk in the country to safety and maintaining security and the safety of citizens and achieve the reforms sought by citizens and expressed by the demonstrators in Aatsamathm as quoted by the national Iraqi news Agency.

The source added that there is a ministerial change will be to activate all sectors and will provide names, there are also measures have been taken yesterday with regard to the fight against corruption and there are reforms in the sectors of the economy and industry, agriculture, investment and other and challenges experienced by our country has made ​​us stronger and we will continue the path of reforms was Abadi said yesterday he would announce ministerial change Thursday to the House , as promised in last week reiterated his intention and determination to proceed with the ministerial change and comprehensive reforms also stressed in his speech yesterday , which said where citizens what is going on from the bickering between politicians and the blocks around the sites and gains , and there are those who stand in the face of change , while announcing in the media contrary.

The Abadi called on Tuesday the House of Representatives and the political blocs to determine their position clearly on the issue of reforms .. explaining that the political blocs insisted that they are nominated minister by it with the other demands of the popular choice of ministers outside the quota system. He noted that it is not wise to provide ministerial lineup facing rejection from the House of Representatives.

And immediately of the Sadrist bloc Free refused to participate in the new government Aalcecchelh while the Iraqi Council of Representatives voted last Monday to grace Abadi until Thursday to submit the new ministerial line - threatening questioned in case failure to provide the line- up during that period.

It is noteworthy that Iraq is witnessing tense political situation since the protests launched by the supporters of the Sadrist movement in front of the green Zone in central Baghdad gates last Friday to demand reforms in escalated the tensions after the entry of the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr to the green Zone on Sunday and sit inside .