Coalition forces announced conditions and threatens to take the position if it does not materialize

admin Last update: Thursday, March 31, 2016 - 8:16

A coalition of Iraqi forces, all conditions to save the country from the cycle of crises worsened, while threatened to take the position will be announced later if it does not materialize those conditions.

The alliance said in a statement that "our belief in the project of reform demanded by the masses, which is a national entitlement necessary for the reconstruction of Iraq the right to track and save the country from the cycle of crises that worsened to the extent that they become threatening to its existence and ancient history, having studied the coalition all proposals and projects submitted by protestors and first introduced by the government, we declare our position is clear and unequivocal. "

He said the coalition "We lined up with the masses of our people their legitimate rights represented by editing the areas that are subject under the control of terrorist groups Daash and the contribution of the people of these areas to maintain security after their participation security institution, and the return of all displaced persons to their places of origin while providing all the supplies they need, and the release of innocent detainees The kidnappers, build and judicial security organization that provides security and achieve justice and fairness, and an end to the marginalization and exclusion in all its forms and stick to the principle of citizenship and participation rights and duties. "

He stressed the alliance on the need to "eliminate corruption and to achieve security and improve services and save Iraq from severe its economic crisis and traced back to the correct path that should go by," he said, adding "We are with the overall change in government does not accept any partial change or Trqiei."

The condition of the coalition to "be given a list submitted by the Prime Minister with the consent and blessing the crowd Almatsamh, we will not be a reason to thwart or delay these demands, which we have adopted in advance," calling all protesters to "be patient and keep the peace, which was a clear approach them and beat them the finest examples of discipline and urbanization. "

He called the coalition of political blocs to "support us in our demands above and therefore the urgent need for synergy, cohesion and the success of the reform project and the preservation of national unity and transit to Iraq to safety," pointing out that "these things represent our conditions, which, if not met we will take a stand announce it later."

He warned MP for coalition forces Raad Aldhlki, on Wednesday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to provide cabin ministerial, "the text of Hippocrates," calling him to take the opinion of the political blocs in the reforms, as pointed out that al-Abadi did not say so far the names of the new ministers.