Today .. Abadi offers a reshuffle of Parliament lineup

2016-03-31 04:08:07 |

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Asadi: outs will announce the names of the blocks for reform
¶alcil ready to create an atmosphere of success of reforms ¶trchih two characters per bag in the change scheduled
BAGHDAD - morning
House of Representatives session will end on Thursday , controversy and political bickering, when Dr. Haidar al - Abadi Prime Minister presents a list of candidates for ministerial portfolios of the candidates technocrats incompetent who were selected out of the quota system, and with the President of the House of Representatives , Dr. Salim al - Jubouri two options to the prime minister that contained either « a government of technocrats» or «provide candidates specifications», head of the Liberal bloc Zia al - Asadi said the meeting will declare the names of the blocks outs for reform.
Jubouri said in a press conference held yesterday and attended by «morning»: The Council believes that in front of the Prime Minister two choices only two, either to submit the required specifications of the ministerial lineup as it deems appropriate for success and address crises must when on the political blocs to contribute to the cured and out of the door national partnership of solidarity and responsibility, or the formation of a government of technocrats comprehensive In both cases, the council is ready to create all the appropriate atmosphere for the success of the reforms. »
He called al - Jubouri «all political blocs to show more flexibility and seriousness in order to get out of our homeland safe and sound from its crises», stressing that »keen to parliament with a prime minister expected success to his work in a very complex conditions and accuracy of the financial and economic levels and to contain crises emerging ».palmkabl promised Dr. Haidar al - Abadi Prime Minister to submit the ministerial lineup change on Thursday to the House of Representatives.
A statement from his press office received «morning»: The «Abadi will be presented on Thursday , the ministerial change to the House of Representatives as he promised last week», adding that « the prime minister reiterated his intention and determination to proceed with the ministerial change and comprehensive reforms», noting that the prime minister made ​​clear in Speaking to the citizens that there are those who stand in the face of change in the media , while declaring the opposite.
In the meantime, a spokesman for the office of Prime Minister Saad al - Hadithi detection, on the nomination of two characters per bag in the cabinet reshuffle due to be submitted to parliament on Thursday, saying that « the Committee of Experts in the Prime Minister will present two candidates for each ministerial portfolio in the cabinet reshuffle of Prime Minister, indicating that «change will be long a large number of current ministers and the prime minister will announce it in parliament and will be a change of technocrats and not quotas.»
For his part, Chairman of the Liberal bloc Zia al - Asadi in a press statement : «told the parliament session for today will be one of the paragraphs of curriculum disclosure of the names of rejecting political blocs of the reforms Abadi sitters seeks her up the Iraqi people familiar with what goes on in the corridors of politics.»