The launch of the first batch of subsidies and social protection for the 2016 Sunday
{Baghdad} Euphrates News the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, announced the launch of the first installment of the subsidy of social protection for 2016 on Sunday in Baghdad and the provinces.
According to a ministry statement, received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, that it " has identified the third of next April, a date for the launch of the first batch of subsidy social protection to 2016, to more than 800 thousand beneficiaries of the categories of men and women in Baghdad and the provinces."
He added that " the financial dues private first batch amounting to more than 241 billion dinars, will be sent to the Bank of Iraq to complete the actions required and the configuration of the grant. "
The statement pointed out that" the number of those who fired them financial grants subsidy amounted to 817 thousand, and 452 beneficiaries, of whom 381 thousand, and 893 of the men category, and 435 thousand and 559 women category in Baghdad and the provinces , "noting that" the ministry stopped the subsidy final L74 Alpha, and 26 beneficiaries in Baghdad and the provinces who did not consult the ministry outlets for the purpose of updating data , or who refused to visit the social researcher. "
He said the " who fired them subsidy are those who happened their data , the ministry completed their procedures with respect to audit tax and settling accounts and change the address operations. "
the statement noted that" social protection body and through the efforts of all staff and employees worked to overcome the problems and obstacles to ensure no delays in the launch of amounts installment of the beneficiaries while continuing at the same time update the information the other beneficiaries ".anthy