Required plans promote productive sectors

3/31/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
Urged economic expert on behalf of Jamil on the need to give special role of leading the Iraqi private sector in the development and provision of facilities, privileges, exemptions, and the process of granting investment opportunities in order to diversify its sources of income by maximizing revenue and resettlement within the country while retaining the expertise Humanity.

He said in an interview with «morning» that economic recovery requires a restructuring of the sector concepts based on market economy undertaken economic two jobs and social, pointing to the importance of work on the rehabilitation of the productive sectors which keeps the capital cycle within the country and supply the domestic market, the quality of products manufactured under the supervision of devices standardization and quality control.

Tourism Sector

Beautiful and she stressed the importance of working to diversify the sources of financing the budget adoption plans aimed at the development of sectors and gradually, in particular, which has elements of the rapid advancement of private industrial and agricultural sectors, pointing to the possibility of the tourism sector, which is always a financial resource development.

He pointed out that the importance of the diversification of the Iraqi economy and give a distinctive role of the private sector, which owns more than 30 thousand industrial project varied output as well as the mixed sector, pointing out that the activation of these projects provides a large number of job opportunities for local expertise.

He stressed that the operation of local factories working to reduce imports from abroad ratios and leak dollar.

Local Production

Indicating that contributes to making the return of Iraq to the local markets, as the domestic industry is working on an investment of local raw materials and contribute to raising the GDP levels through the contribution of industry and agriculture in supplying the domestic market, the necessary products.

Jamil said that production development requires activation of laws aimed at the local product that is both according to international standards-making, saying that the cement industry on Bill example can be self-sufficient protection if has local product protection by not allowing the products of poor to enter local markets.


He urged the importance of the promotion of the tourism sector, which needs to develop tourist cities and raise the level of economic livelihoods and reduce poverty rates by creating job opportunities and wide in front of young people and absorb unemployment among young people, pointing out that it was investigating an additional entry with a contribution Okparvi GDP, similar to »states Jawartsal 10 percent.