Parliament: "ready for the success of the reform process"

March 30, 2016-2:49 pm

Baghdad/Iraq News Network-suggested House speaker Salim al-Jabouri, Wednesday, Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi options on a cabinet reshuffle to be announced, confirmed the intention of the Parliament to complete the package of legislation include amnesty law. Al-jubouri, said at a press conference in the building of the House of representatives today: that "while confirming House's intention to complete the package of legislation such as the amnesty law and the law of the Federal Supreme Court, the House of representatives considered that the Prime Minister Haider Abadi two options: to them," al-Jabouri, " The first option is to submit the required specifications for Ministers and crisis, or the formation of a Government of technocrats ", stressing that" the Parliament is ready in case the creation of the necessary conditions for the success of the reform process, "the State of law coalition called on Wednesday for an emergency meeting between Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi and heads of political blocs, one day before the upcoming ministerial changes provide Abbadi.