Political Council of the Iraqi warns of action calls for the freezing of the Constitution or to stop operations

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Political Council of the Iraqi warns of action calls for the freezing of the Constitution or to stop operations
{Baghdad} Euphrates News called the Political Council of the Iraqi action, on Tuesday, on everyone to denounce the constitution calls for a freeze or stop working it.
A statement of the Council and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today, "The Political Council of the Iraqi work viewed with concern the current situation from two angles, the first Prime Minister of the delay in meeting the demands of the masses for reform and accountability of the corrupt, and the second decline in the role of the National Alliance and its distance from the Constitutional and Parliamentary his performance as the biggest bloc, and the slops from the demands of the fans and the whole Iraqi people. "

"The Prime Minister and the demands of exploiting the time because it is not in his favor, as is required to adhere parliamentary deadline, which expires next Thursday, and we wonder how it threatens the biggest bloc candidate Parliament but how threatening interrogation in the absence of commitment on Saturday before the questioning of its mass! ".

He pointed out that "the National Alliance is the main reason why most of what was going on because he did not arrange the internal his cards and the subject of his presidency, despite its formation more than a year and a half, and did not arrange the political situation before the instincts recourse by a limb to mobilize the street, and end up providing the initiative does not rise to the level of events because they are dealing with the mentality before the current crisis and adopt methods of procrastination and political quotas and ignore the main party in the sit-ins - the Sadrist movement, and making the voice directly or trying to return to the cabin coalition contrary are dealing with in the last paragraph of conscience hidden absentee demanding an end to the protests and sit-ins. "

The statement that "Iraq is a country of crises in our perception and sealing that our politicians have reached and experienced the limits of understanding of the crisis and deal with them within the framework of the constitution, so we call on everyone to adhere contexts legal, constitutional and faith in freedom of expression and peaceful dealing with citizens as long as they are committed to maintaining public order, as we call on everyone to denouncing calls for the freezing of the Constitution or to stop operations or the formation of an emergency government and the declaration of martial law because it takes us back that occurred; God forbid to the era of dictatorship and the box first. "

The House of Representatives had voted at its usual twenty headed by Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 273 deputies Monday, on the recommendations of the meeting of the board of the Council presidency and the heads of parliamentary blocs on the completion of the reform process and the ministerial amendment stressing that next Thursday deadline for submission of the ministerial cabin stage Oly.anthy