Prime Minister throws the ball in the court of the blocks: Do you want quotas or technocrats?


Baghdad / term

The day before the deadline set by the House of Representatives by the end, the Prime Minister threw the ball in the fourth stadium and asked him to clarify the nature of the required reforms.
Abadi urged the House of Representatives to resolve the situation of the conflicting claims of the blocks, which calls for some of them engaging in any cabinet reshuffle, and other blocks calls to choose ministers from outside the quota system.
In a speech broadcast on Iraqi television late Tuesday, and followed up (range), the Prime Minister said, "We pledge to all the implementation of the ministerial change the overall political and economic reforms we announced the fight against corruption and the corrupt," recalling that "reform is a collective responsibility and solidarity and Atqa on hand without the other."
The Abadi said "the current crisis is a political crisis must be resolved understanding between the political forces, which may be in order to achieve reforms, the impact on the military situation or restrictions on traffic and freedoms, especially in residential areas where the families of citizens living embarrassment and concern the case of citizens," but he stressed "the right to demonstrate is guaranteed within the confines of respect for the law and we are striving hard to meet the legitimate aspirations of our people achieve justice, equality and equal opportunities. " The prime minister "presented to the Iraqi people a month and a half before the requirement for ministerial amendment and asked the House of Representatives and the mass political cooperation to achieve the desired change, which helps to cope with the exceptional political, economic and financial challenges facing Iraq."
He said the prime minister "insisted the political blocs that are nominated minister by it, considering that the parliamentary system is the system of electoral blocs gives them the right to participate in the formation of the government by descent", pointing out that "there are calls for the selection of ministers outside the quota system, which allows for the selection of ministerial lineup on new foundations. "
He called Al-Abbadi House political bloc to "determine their position clearly and publicly on this subject," pointing out that "the prime minister, any prime minister, for he can not work and achieve success in serving the country and its democratic system without understanding with the House of Representatives and harmony with the political movement."
The Prime Minister emphasized by saying, "It is not wise to provide ministerial lineup facing rejection from the House of Representatives and thus invalidate the purpose of the reshuffle."
He called Abadi, the House of Representatives that "clearly specify his position and the demand of the Prime Minister: Is it required to be ministers of the political blocs or provide ministers technocrats out of the blocks and quotas, and whether the recent vote that mean or mean something else also states that some of the leaders of the blocks?".
He stressed the need to "resolve this issue and move on to a new phase in the work of the government and its grave duties in the military, security and economic fields and provision of services and restore stability and displaced people to cities liberated."
He said the Adjutant General to security challenges, adding that his government put the war on Daash a top priority. He noted that "the security of Baghdad and the provinces became requires efforts and potential extra, which had become a major strain on the military and police forces and security services in a state of alert and take precautionary measures to protect the demonstrators and to secure the lives of citizens and their interests, which is still the target of criminal gangs."