The conclusion of the internal audit cycle in banks organized by the Iraqi private banks association

Last updated 03/30/2016 - 01:33

Special / Economy News:
Concluded in Baghdad on Tuesday, 03.29.2016 training course organized by the Association of Iraqi private banks around the internal audit banking.
And thrown in session over the three days of lectures and research focused on Ttaiwiramufhom General of the Department of Internal Audit. And consolidate Almkhatrodor idea of ​​the functions of the Department of the banks and their structure.

He participated in the course, which was supervised by the International Training Expert Rami Hourani (32) of workers in the private banks.
He Maderaltnive Association Tariq Ali vacationer in a speech the importance of the conclusion of the session and the impact of such courses in the development of the capacity of workers in the private banking sector. For the advanced banking experiences in the world and transferred to the workers in this sector.
Referring to the Association plans to set up more training courses in Ataralatvakiet which had previously concluded with the Arab and international institutions specialized sober affairs in banking.
The association of Iraqi private banks were organized in the past Alashahrakulailh many workers in this sector training courses covering various specializations.