Sadr's movement: the Abadi revealed obstructionists to the process of reform and reject the ideas prosthetic

Author: AHF
Editor: AHF, BS

03.29.2016 19:50

Long-Presse / Baghdad
He called on the leader of the Sadrist Ali Smeisim, on Tuesday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to uncover the political parties that obstruct the reform process, and while stressing rejection of the protesters have no idea of ​​the reforms "prosthetic", said the people will have a pause with the obstructionists reforms.

Sumaisem said at a press conference in front of the Green Zone and attended (range Press), it was "not entitled to any political statement on behalf of the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr."

He Sumaisem "We reject any idea on the table for prosthetic reforms and will of the people and his speech in front of Oagafth obstructionists her," calling on the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to "expose political parties that obstruct the reform process."
Smeisim said that "al-Sadr is now being intense consultations with his advisors for reform."

Sumaisem He pointed to "the arrival of several letters from various segments of the society declared their desire to come near the green," expressing his "thanks to all the stances of solidarity by the trade unions and the tribes that supported the reform project."

And waiting for the political blocs until next Thursday, in order to provide the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, the first amendment to his ministry.
The Iraqi Council of Representatives voted, Monday, to grace the Prime Minister ,, until next Thursday, to provide new ministerial his booth, threatening questioned him in the absence of a government formation during that period.

He Abadi, in the (26th March current 2016), expressed the hope that the announcement of the new cabinet reshuffle soon, and confirmed the continuation of work on that understanding with other political blocs, and with the exception of the new government, "a small part of a large workhouse system include combat and combat corruption." , some accused of "not wanting to see reforms and trying to cover it up."