Iran insists: soon waited a victory for Iraq

Tuesday 29-03-2016
| 12:54:37
Twilight News / sent the head of the Iranian Shura Council, a telegram to his Iraqi counterpart, in which he offered condolences occurrence of the recent terrorist bombings in Iraq that killed a number of civilians.

The condemned Ali Larijani , in his message, "these terrorist practices hostile to humanity , " expressing his condolences to the Iraqi counterpart , Salim al - Jubouri, the "government and the Iraqi people our Muslim brother."
He stressed Larijani said Tehran 's commitment to strengthening security and stability in Iraq and the unity of its territory, "is an ongoing commitment and can not be compromised do, and they see the stability and security of Iraq and the unity of its territory is in the framework of the interests of the Islamic nation and raise their capabilities, and they will not refrain from any initiative in this area. "
as Larijani announced support of the Islamic Shura Council" full procedures of Iraq in the face of terrorists and extremists , "expressing his confidence that " we soon we will see the final victory for the government and the Iraqi people in their fight against terrorist groups and their supporters. "