Central warns of rising inflation
Friday 3/23/2012 6:07

Baghdad / term follow-up
Warned the deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed in favor of high rates of inflation in the country when applying the law of customs tariff, attributing this to the increase in commodity prices and food.Saleh said, according to the Agency (news) that the law on customs tariff is one of the internal factors
That may lead to high rates of inflation in the country by increasing the prices of materials and goods imposed by the tariff Kmarkip in local markets as well as external factors which play a major role in high rates of inflation, which is called "inflation in transition" that comes through the importation of goods at high prices from overseas .

Saleh added: that the goods imported toxic and non-essential to the community Kab children harmful circulating in the local markets significantly, would be imposed by the tariff Kmarkip (30%), pointing out that the commercial stores full of such goods pay the dealer to increase their prices in local markets.

He called for the need to impose high tariffs on materials Kmarkip poor and non-essential goods when imported from abroad, while food, medical, scientific, must be imposed by the tariff Kmarkip few being useful to the community and the citizens of Iraq.