Interior calls on its members to take caution and remind them of the death penalty and imprisonment

Tuesday 29 March 2016 14:00

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
It called upon the Iraqi Interior Ministry, Tuesday, Bmnzbe and officers of the internal security forces "take caution", as I mentioned Military Penal Law, which includes punishments of "punishment and imprisonment."
Interior said in a statement received by Alsumaria News, a copy of it, he was "at a time when the Ministry of Interior recorded winning streak to organize Daash terrorist and recorded on a daily basis the glories of victory in the liberation of land and the start of operations edit Nineveh province, cherished the last stronghold of the terrorist organization, and in order from the ministry as concerned save Homeland Security, according to the provisions of Article (3) of the Ministry of Interior Act No. 11 of 1994, we issued this statement rate ".
"We call upon our brothers the officers and employees of the Internal Security Forces to take caution and high vigor and devotion to duty and responding firmly and strongly to attempts by terrorist gangs incitements to destabilize the security and stability," stressing that "To ensure that we not fall whatever you legally accountable in accordance with the provisions of legal materials listed below, we have issued this statement. "
The minister's office listed in his statement following the legal provisions of the Military Penal Code
1. The text of item (i / a) of Article (3) of the Penal Code No. 14 of 2008 as amended by Law No. (38) for the year 2015 (punishable by death in both: a / left or handed over to third parties or to any party hostile Center police or outpost or a site or a place or use a way to force or lure is the center or police station, location, or by leaving the place or delivered in contravention of the requirements of the security imperatives).
2.ns item (i / e) of the above-mentioned article (punishable by death in both: H / spread the spirit of rebellion and disobedience among the members of the internal security forces during disturbances or in case of emergency declaration).
3. the text of the item (ii) of Article (29) of the Act (punishable by imprisonment of: Second / she belongs to a party or political association or participated in a political demonstration or found in a political meeting or wrote political articles or gave a partisan political speech in the media media or incited others to do the business).
4.athml manager and it's in charge of circulating Advantaged this telegram to all associates, without exception, to be aware and knowledgeable and informed and be held responsible for the consequences otherwise.