Haidari: Interior Minister and communications will not be changed and we are fully with the government's resignation

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Haidari: interior minister and communications will not be unchanged and we are fully with the government's resignation
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP for Bader's parliamentary bloc affiliated to the National Alliance Razak al-Haidari, on Tuesday, not to change the interior minister Mohammad Al Ghabban and communications Hassan Rashed, noting that the bloc with the "resignation of the entire government, including the Prime Minister."
He said al-Haidari told {Alpher s News} Today, that "Badr bloc is ready to change its ministers if comprehensive reforms a must, all the government be dissolved, including the prime minister; so that they can be the next steps to form a new government away from the quota system as well as within the technocrats specifications ".
He added, "But if the change was partly there must be conditions such as not to prejudice the reputation of Ministers," hoping "all parties demanding change or reform should be adopted by the selectors and certain constants, even if everyone Italhm failure of the law."
He continued, saying, "Some are calling for comprehensive change and a government of technocrats which should be far away from the party, the Bloc Badr been subject to change since the start and without reasons, to this day, and the Iraqi people know the truth What are the reasons for the sacking of the minister of human rights and the municipalities."
He continued, "was supposed to all state departments to recruit to war against Daash, but what happened that our job our people and all the potential in the case of reforms," ​​adding that "what is happening today exploits as if the Iraqi people, half of thieves being worked within the state, as if our images to the whole world that half Iraqi people steal money, and the world must be reformed. "
He explained that "there is actually a corruption of the reluctance of the manager, but it should not be marketed through the media that the Iraqi people robbing each other."
The MP for the Reform Movement in the WIN National Alliance uniquely Brahimi {Euphrates News} Today, on the coverage and Zarae {health, justice, industry, minerals, trade, planning, agriculture, water resources}, noting that "the Ministers of Finance and Higher Education has not been decided commanded them yet." .
It is noteworthy that, the House of Representatives voted during its meeting on Monday 28 of this March, the recommendations of the meeting of the board of the Council presidency and the heads of parliamentary blocs on the completion of the reform process and the ministerial amendment set next Thursday as the deadline for submission of the ministerial cabin as a first stage, otherwise "Parliament will commence with the start of the week next question the prime minister for the delay in providing ministerial cabin. " According to Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri.
The, a member of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, Sheikh Hamoudi, agreed with the Liberal Bloc members on Monday, to determine next Thursday as the deadline for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi introduces new ministerial his booth, and not to be questioned and the withdrawal of confidence Menh.anthy 1