Agency publishes all of Iraq [where] the names and pictures of Ministers covered by the change in the new government , which intends to Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi formed within the reform campaign.
The number covered by the minister to change nine ministers added their two ministers stepped down to include the change 11 ministers are:
1. Higher Education Minister Hussein al - Shahristani
2. Health Minister Adila Hammoud
3. Industry Minister Mohammed al - Darraji
4. Water Resources Minister Hassan al - Shammari
5. Communications Minister Hassan Rashed
6. planning Minister Salman Jumaili
7. Agriculture Minister Falah Hassan Zeidan
8. Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari
9. Minister of Commerce (position vacant is currently managed by proxy)
10 transport minister resigned Bayan Jabr
11. oil Minister outgoing Adel Abdul Mahdi ,
this is expected to provide prime the names of the ministers technocrats Minister solvers these ministers replaced to parliament for approval on them by the Constitution.
the Council has set next Thursday deadline for submitting the new cabinet members are believed to be a change in stages begin to change the ministers who received the agency where their names and then caused to other names after agreement with the political blocs.