It proposes to extend the legal reform measures to reduce the number of members of parliament and provincial councils


Tuesday 29 March 2016

Proposed legal expert Tareq Harb "The reform extends to reduce the number of members of parliament and provincial councils and customize on Thursday of each week to discuss reform measures.

He said in a statement today that" the decision of the parliament on Tuesday that will be next Thursday deadline for resolving the issue of the reshuffle is not enough and suggest allocation on Thursday of each week to discuss reform measures only, on the grounds that " the subject of reform measures required is not limited to the lists containing the ministers who are dismissed and the ministers who are Astaizhaarham vote of parliament , but extends the reform to include all the administrative, political joints in the Iraqi government as agents of ministries and inspectors public officials, consultants and general managers and independent bodies and non - independent like the Office of the elections and the Commission of Human rights and the media and communications and the Iraqi media network. "

He added that" as the subject is not limited to the heads of those bodies, but extends to the number of members in terms of downsizing and extends to the merger between similar bodies, adding " the reform measures must be extended to councils and other departments , and most of the Iraqi legal system and in the government actually necessitating reconsider her according reform measures. "

He pointed out , " it is bound to extend the reform to reduce the number of members of parliament because it is unacceptable that the number of members of Iran 's parliament less than the number of members of Iraq while the souls of Iran equals nearly doubled the population of Iraq, as well as it is necessary to extend to the members of the provincial councils and the preparation of conservative lawmakers and aides , and to invest in Baghdad and provincial bodies and to the grades and positions in all ministries . "

And the war , " that some of the bodies where the number of managers over a hundred director and the number of agents in the Ministry of more than seventy to those who are in the degree of Undersecretary of the Ministry , which requires a review of the grants that were approved previously , so were awarded degrees minister to those who are not with the Minister the grades and Undersecretary of the Ministry for those who are not agents of the Ministry and degrees of general manager to those who are not in this position. "

He explained that" the presence of the Prime Minister every Thursday to parliament to brief on what came to him from the proceedings and must be made ​​by the parliament of the help and assistance to the then Prime Minister to call the action control approved by the Article 61 / II of the Constitution is the current control for actions to be taken by the actions from reformist prime minister, the parliament freelance on Thursday of each week only reformist measures, and it follows that people be aware and informed of the scheduled date on what will be taken reform measures in time. "
He pointed out , " these measures will lead to the dilution of the mass of crisis existing in the street now , which gives reason for hope in the Iraqi hearts national and hearts of the parliament would do all what is good for the slaves and all that is Faleh country.