Sadr bloc announced not to participate in the new government formation

Tuesday 29-03-2016 | 1:35:47

Twilight News / announced of the Sadrist block free on Tuesday, refusing to participate in the new government 's planned changes them headed by Haider al - Abadi.

The granting of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi has until Thursday to announce the new ministerial lineup of technocrats, at a time when ascended leader Moqtada al - Sadr , his protest movement demanding reform.

He spent the chest Sunday his first night in his tent inside the green Zone, in and out of thousands of his supporters sit behind the walls of the fortified area in central Baghdad.

The head of the Liberal bloc Zia al - Asadi, told a news conference building the House of Representatives said his bloc does not want to any location in the new government formation and refuses to participate.

He called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to speed display cabinet changes to parliament for a vote.