Learn ministries covered by the change, according to a source

Published on: 29/3/2016, 10:21 Published by: Hamid

Learn ministries covered by the change, according to a source

An official source revealed, Tuesday, ministries covered by the ministerial amendment, noting that the amendment will include seven ministries, confirmed that three ministries ordered her not resolved once and for all so far.

The source said that "seven ministries will include ministerial amendment expected," adding that "there are three ministries ordered to unresolved until now, because of the ministers and their parties."

The source, who asked not to be named, said that "the ministries, which will include the change four ministries to the National Alliance, a transportation (Baqir al-Zubaidi), health (Adila Hammoud), Justice (Haider Zamili), industry (Mohammed Darraji)", adding that "Ministries Union of forces for change are covered by the plan (Salman al-Jumaili), agriculture (Falah Hassan Zeidan), and trade, which are managed by proxy. "

The source continued that "the ministries that her final has not been decided until now is the Higher Education (Hussain al-Shahristani) and financial (Hoshyar Zebari), water resources (Mohsen al-Shammari)."

And called the Iraqi National Alliance, on Monday, the initiative accommodate popular demands and support the reform movement, while pledged to cooperate with the political blocs to complete the reshuffle within days and set a timetable for occupancy independent bodies.

The member of the Liberal bloc MP Majid Ghraoui announced, on Monday, for the House vote to determine the next Thursday deadline for submitting the new ministerial cabin, between the parliament will begin to question the prime minister in the event of expiry of the period without providing ministerial cabin.