Malaysian Corporation expects to keep the price of oil at the rate of $ 40 a barrel during 2016


Baghdad / Hamid Ahmed

Malaysian institution predicted economic Baltkhminac, on Monday, that the world oil prices maintain a rate of nearly forty dollars a barrel during the current year 2016 is likely to rise to $ 45 during the next year in 2017.
Said Ram RAM Foundation Malaysian classification of economic guesses, in published issued yesterday for oil prices, according to the report by a site Star The Star News Malaysian, and I followed (range Press), "The world oil prices will remain range at the $ 40 rate per barrel during the year 2016 current, before it gets better, up to $ 45 a barrel during the next year in 2017 ".
Malaysian institution did not rule out that "oil prices rise by almost abruptly after 2018," indicating that it "relied on to anticipate obtaining a slight contraction of the size of its oil supplies during the current year, before re-refer to the rates normal and be more balanced in the middle of next year 2017".
Ram Foundation and suggested that "a significant decline in excessive oil supplies happen by the middle of next year 2017 with the slowdown in productivity growth in energy consumption amid relatively stable."
The price of oil has "reached the lowest level in the past June 2015, it reached $ 28 a barrel, before they rebound to $ 40 in the stock market last week," according to the foundation.
Malaysian institution considered that "any fixed and permanent increase in oil prices gradually will get through the second half of the current 2016", expected to "get a noticeable rise in oil prices during the second half of next 2017, where even then almost supply and demand rate."
The world oil prices have fallen by about substantially since the summer of 2014, the past, the collapse of nearly 120 dollars a barrel to below thirty, resulting in damage to the economies of countries that rely on oil, including Iraq.