Related News: speculators are behind the rise in the dollar 's exchange rate against the dinar

28/03/2016 - 23:14

Economy News / special

He attributed a specialist in economic affairs Farhad Fahmi rise in the US dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar exchange rate to the monopoly by speculators.

Fahmy said in an interview for "Economy News," The recent actions of the Central Bank , which includes checks of import certificates and monitor sales dollar more accurately and reduce sales of the dollar were not compatible with the interests of many people, prompting speculators to raise the exchange rate in order to put pressure on the central bank to ease its procedures The increase in dollar sales ceiling.

He explained that the bank no longer has the flexibility to allow it to sell larger amounts due to the decline in revenues in dollar based on the decline in oil prices , stressing that these audit procedures that should have been imposed since 10 years and more to keep the foreign currency assets, but today "in the right way . " .

He pointed out that there are private banks are trying hard to maintain a unified and capable of supporting the country 's economy , the exchange rate and in collaboration with the "Association of private banks," which is trying is the other hard to spread the spirit of cooperation and coordination with the banks and the central bank and the market.