Text of a statement of political blocs voted by Parliament today about the cabinet reshuffle

03/28/2016 14:17

[Oan- Baghdad]
issued a statement on the political blocs on Monday on the ministerial change and voted by the House of Representatives to approve during its meeting held on Monday.

The statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "In these difficult days as being the decisive confrontation with the forces of terror to purge the land of our beloved country from the evils and sins and crimes, and where the rising voices to demand a resolute reforms, we emphasize the following:

1. The battle against the scourges of terrorism, corruption and a failure to serve the country and the people is one battle that differed squares, each of these pests eat the cliff homeland and the people and destroy and destroy what is left in it from the veins of the hopes of the constitutional state and the peaceful rotation of power and national partnership and real developmental renaissance and wetlands back on our people well and security and peace and prosperity.

2. that any reforms do not take into account the priority of maintaining Iraq 's cohesion and national partnership and unity of the social fabric and overcome past failures are not available on the constitutional and legal standards and the preservation of the political process will not be merely adds a new crisis to crisis that has plagued Iraq basket.

3 - the battle of the reforms on the extreme importance , should not divert attention, efforts and attention from the battle to liberate the Iraqi territory usurped by the forces of terrorism.

4. the parliament is the legitimate representative of the people and confirms that next Thursday is the deadline for the government to provide ministerial cabin is considered as a first stage of the reform process and not to be initiated parliament as early as next week to question the prime minister for the delay in providing ministerial cabin.

5. the setting specific time limits for reforms reflects a desire in the marketing of those national mission to goals only proper, since the reforms mean a thorough thorough review of reservoir failure and dysfunction, treatment and promotion of reservoirs success factors developed within a specific and well - known period, and the reforms are not a desire or an attempt to evade responsibility as what is the responsibility lay on the shoulders of all important break the impasse on less sacrifices and a shorter time.

6. the Iraqi Council of Representatives, as it greets warmly brothers and sons protesters who expressed their high sense responsibility and a deep sense of their role and a clear commitment to laws and regulations, confirms accordance with its constitutional powers and responsibilities of the national historic he would seek to consolidate any reform effort a serious and responsible and by comprehensive national, and at the same time will take the necessary measures to protect state institutions and to maintain the prestige of the state and respect at the exit of any recall effectiveness of the legal side or constitutional.