Required teams to attract foreign investment

Last update: Monday , March 28, 2016 - 8:57

BAGHDAD - Farah pumice increasing day after another need for the formation of institutions and task forces to lead a private economic activities and coordination with other countries to attract investments to implement profitable projects that contribute to the advancement of the labor market.

According to the consultant in industrial development and investment Amer Jeweler, these institutions or teams, to emanate in line with the recommendations of the strategies approved by the government, and some of the approved laws, and drafts of other laws in the way of approval. He noted that the aim of the face of economic challenges both locally and internationally, calling that is characterized by the formation of this new professionalism, transparency and vision and clear goals and policies without concern for the institutional and functional inflation institutions, due to their importance in the face of change and construction requirements according to the new methodology.

Currently working government to bring the quality of the Iraqi economy, which suffered concussions because of the former regime's policies and dependence on oil revenue boom, so I started the process of a major reform to promote the sectors of production on according to prepared plan by consultants and experts, in addition to seeking to attract talent.

In this regard, the jeweler confirms that Iraq possesses great potential to coordinate with countries, especially those with diversity in the natural food resources and industrial capacity. He Advisory importance of attracting foreign and Arab investments, which is «an important gesture», as it requires different sectors in the country such as agriculture, industry, tourism and others to increase the interest in them and introducing them into joint ventures, as well as going to other countries to carry out joint projects.

He also urged the experts and specialists leads the Iraqi moves to attract and encourage two-way investment, which is a challenge and a competitive, leading to attracting major real investments to the country, combined with the interlock between Iraq and the orientations of the official and other countries, and implemented on according to government reform program, as well as strategies and previous plan