Shiite alliance meeting ends in division split


Monday , 28th March 2016

Wrote Aktham Saifuddin: adjourned the ruling National Alliance meeting in Iraq, the division of mass between supporters of Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi and a supporter of the leader of the "Sadrists" Moqtada al - Sadr, while Abadi , trying to find a solution to get out of a dangerous political deadlock.

An informed political source, said that "coalition meeting National finished division , "noting that" bloc leader (BRP), Hadi al - Amiri and leader of the Supreme Council , Hamid Maaleh carried Abadi responsibility worsened matters in the country. "

He stressed that" both sides have criticized Abbadi accused him of dragging the country towards strife between the National Alliance components, and therefore finding a solution He brings them out of the crisis, declaring their opposition to the government root out the religious parties and replacing them Baltknuaqrat. "

The source, who requested anonymity, that" the State of law coalition refused to chest movements and declared his support for the steps Abadi, stressing that the solution must be through dialogue , not through sit - ins emerging for the Constitution and the law. " He added that "al - Abadi came out of the meeting and confirmed that he will introduce his cabinet of nine ministries to parliament, and then finishes it in stages."

For his part, stressed the Office of the Prime Alliance Ibrahim al - Jaafari, in a press statement, that " the meeting discussed the political developments and security and the emphasis on meet the challenges of a national initiative to accommodate popular demands, and supports the reform movement, and stressed the importance of national unity in the face of terrorism and the provision of all appropriate circumstances, and needs the necessary security forces; and the liberalization of lands and cities of their control, and the return of all the displaced families to inhabit areas. "

He pointed Jaafari that " the national Alliance launched an initiative included a call on all political forces to serious dialogue, and to live up to the aspirations of the people from the real reforms , " adding that "popular demands expressed realism need for reform; requiring the national forces interact with them, and carry jointly responsible in for transform these demands into actual concrete actions, and laws are needed. "

He added that" the coalition pledged to cooperate with all political blocs to complete the reshuffle within the next few days, according to professional standards, experience, and technocrats, has identified a mechanism to speed the resolution of this matter, and to set a timetable , standards of professional occupancy of independent bodies, and deputy ministers, general and directorates so that the nomination be available for all national competencies in accordance with the specific mechanism, and transparent. "

He continued that" the coalition also pledged to support the Supreme Council for the fight against corruption necessary powers, legislation needed to be able to perform his duties, and to perform his duties in the prosecution of the corrupt, and the fight against corruption. "

he explained that" it was stressed package important laws contribute to state - building, and to provide better services to citizens , legislation, and promote national unity and social harmony. "

embarrassed step , leader of the Sadrist movement, to go beyond the entrances to government green Zone in central Baghdad and the sit -in at the gates, Abadi, and led him to search for a solution to the last hours to get out of the political impasse.