Watermelon: Abadi still subject to his

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The balance of news
White block President Jamal watermelon, Monday, Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi still subject to his welaimtlk courage in resolving the topic of new Government by next Thursday.

He said watermelon/balance news "surprising from the actions of some political blocs which emerged through the media and expressing its rejection of quotas, pointing out that" all meetings of those blocks came out contents indicate adherence to quotas and their ministries. "

Melon said that "Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi still subject to wills the party imposed that prevented him from implementing his reforms," calling him "the dissolution of Parliament and the formation of the National Salvation Council to break the current impasse."

"Abadi possesses no courage in overcoming the barrier of Parliament and move to form a new Government Thursday, warning him of" serious escalation of the Iraqi Street. "

He stressed the need to "line up with the people and ignore Abadi blocks" failed "impeding work."

The House of representatives gave Abadi until Thursday kmoada for implementation of the reform and provide legitimate cab new ministerial ended

From: Ahmed zemim