Tourism permanent oil industry without smoke

3/28/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Suha Shaykhli
He pointed economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine that the tourism sector is one of the top three sectors have an active contribution to the diversification of the budget revenues, we have the tourist sector rich diversity of religious tourism from all three monotheistic religions and other religions diverse Bmmahbha.

This makes Iraq a kiss to most religions, especially with the presence of religious shrines of prophets and saints and imams of the righteous in the holy city of Karbala and Najaf and Kadhimiya holy, with the presence of many mosques and monasteries and ancient churches in northern and southern Iraq, and monasteries are Etjaozaamrha thousand and two hundred years, including the monastery Behnam and Matthew's Monastery and the captain Hermzuldana the oldest church in the world the name (my cottage) of this religious aspect that adds richness tourist great.

The expert stressed Antoine on the need for an awareness of the culture of tourism to receive tourists, and therefore there must be a promotion and media tour for the world to get out on the tourist reservoir in Iraq until the intended task areas for him, adding: come after religious tourism, archaeological tourism as found in Iraq a unique traces of states ancient civilizations and empires were built and known Hoa_khas those civilizations Ziggurat of ur and the lion of Babylon, and the fractions and twisted strand of Samarra, the school Mustansiriya.

He went on: Our tourism fishing and tourism therapeutic as well as our marshes and waters, and attracts foreign tourists, those bodies of water and the diversity of Taiorwalasmak them, they are great resorts if used in a tourist has tourism been neglected in all its diversity to the availability of oil revenues, which covered on any other economic activities and the fact that we need a tourist culture we need to build colleges and private institutes of advanced tourism and friction with the world and connect to the world Tourism Organization.

Continues Antoine Speaking says: After the 2003 Iraq became vice-president of the World Tourism Organization and Aafeena from a lot of fees and subscriptions, but we unfortunately did not make use of this process because of the dominance of non-professional elements and incompetent Therefore this sector failure, and now we need a tourism institute in each governorate for it possess reservoirs tourist large, along with a private tourism in colleges and universities to promote tourism cadres sections of the compatibility of what exists in the world, stressing that tourism aware renewed and we send competencies and missions outside the country or recruitment of professors foreigners for teaching and education in Iraq, pointing out that the world Tourism Organization could have provide us with great facilities take good if handled It possesses great experience and to participate in its literature will enrich us and publish tourism in the country.

The expert said Antoine: The big challenges to the advancement of tourism, but it is important that we come right person in the right place, and that the professionals are those with competence and integrity comes to build sector tourist intrinsic serve the country's economy. In all the countries of the world, including neighboring countries constitute the tourism sector 12 percent of GDP domestic product at the time that the religious tourism sector, we hold a lot of employment in hotels, banks, transport, infrastructure, roads and streets.