Maximizing the resources needed to amend the administrative system

3/28/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
It represents a multiplicity of resources one of the main goals of the public and private sectors to supplement the federal budget it needed financial resources, which has seen a marked decline in its figures due to the decline of crude oil prices world markets, which require amendments to the clause, according to specialists in the forefront of the administrative system.

Chairman of the Iraqi National Business Council David Abdul Zayer noted that the multiplicity of resources in Iraq is not that hard if available real will to this trend, which needs to harmonize public and private sector efforts to reach the goals and move the wheel of production and employment in all sectors.

International experiences

He said in an interview for »morning« that expand the financial resources needed to adjust the administrative system in the country, pointing to the possibility of benefiting from international experiences in this regard and which has achieved great economic feasibility in Their countries.

He pointed to the importance of reviewing the law of financial management No. 30 and amended so as to contribute in supporting economic activity in Iraq, particularly the detailed export where the need to reconsider the joints own paragraph export, noting that Iraq is capable of exporting a lot of natural resources «raw« that contribute to the the multiplicity of its financial resources, including construction materials, lime and stone, as well as sulfur, confirming the presence of a regional market for them and can employ this request to serve Iraq.

Zayer between the raw materials mentioned the possibility of manufacturing and converted into different quality products and thus maximize the financial resources derived from these raw materials, indicating that at this stage, an actor enters administration invested in the right way that achieves the highest degree of economic feasibility.

He pointed to achieve financial cycle between the government and the market through the delivery of the operating budget as much as its proceeds, not from taxes and fees, but across the state investment resources of all kinds such as telecommunications, transport Bmphasalh especially as the biggest traffic between the world over Iraq and other sectors task, stressing the importance that coincides with the transformation of transactions its system of paper to advanced automation.

Sophisticated systems

Zayer continued his speech: that the state owns the biggest franchise of all services of the various land, sea, air and invested achieves significant financial revenue for the country, but in return require sophisticated systems to manage a manner that achieves economic viability and makes the work goes high smoothly away from the complex and all forms of manipulation and corruption.