The rule of law: the approval of a conditional declaration of emergency infallible .. and replace Abadi expected

2016-03-27 23:14:59 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The dawn of the oil minister and the outgoing leader of the Supreme Council, Adel Abdul Mahdi, on Saturday, surprise, when the lid detect attempts are going on "behind the scenes" to freeze the Constitution.

Said Abdul-Mahdi, in his article, "The senior official said to me: It is one of the senior officials involved met on the ministerial changes .. and told him my interlocutor What are you doing? He answered administrator on that opinion, which recently decided to destruction is going to change."
He said a veteran Iraqi politician "is confused by my interlocutor that it would require the resignation of the government as a whole and the approval of the House of Representatives .. Replied the official in question, yes, the problem is in the House of Representatives asked my interlocutor .. What are you doing? Came the answer, there are thought to dissolve the House of Representatives Vohkl it .. my interlocutor that the Constitution does not allow it .. came reply: there are material permits .. Vohkl him my interlocutor that this material has already been raised and rejected .. answered on the official permission to be freezing the Constitution. "

Abdul-Mahdi said he had heard such words from other sources. He added, "But to hear it on this direct and high-level, something else ...".

And emphasizes the gesture, vice chairman of the parliamentary bloc of Badr (range), that "the proposal to dissolve parliament was by the head of the government committee in charge of the ministerial amendment MP Mehdi al-Hafez, if Abadi's exercise of his failure to change the government."

It did not nominate members of the ministerial committee only MP Mehdi al-Hafez name alongside names of academics, while being a great gloss over the rest of the members of the committee, amid complaints the political forces of the "vagueness".

MP Ali gesture that "and added the option of dissolving parliament has been rejected when put Hafiz, because this measure is not the prerogative of the government and needs to be approved by the President."

In the meantime, head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim called on the coalition "citizen", calls attention to the targeting of Parliament.

The citizen's block, in a press statement seen by (range) yesterday, said that "al-Hakim said during his meeting with the Bloc citizens on the importance that the parliament rises legislative and oversight responsibilities."

Hakim Bloc citizens to "communicate with the rest of the blocks and coordinate positions and attention to the calls that you want to target the parliament being the authority to grant the rest of the legitimate authorities."

Furthermore, high MP Sheikh Ali, a member of the Civil Alliance bloc, said that "confirms attempts to freeze the constitution and dissolve parliament will enter the country in the absurd and non-state phase."

Sheikh Ali and saw that "the Dawa Party, will be the first beneficiary of the freezing of the Constitution, because it will ensure his stay in power since 2003".

It is expected that the current government will continue, which is chaired by a member of the Dawa Party, as a government, a caretaker, as if it has been declared "state of emergency".

And confirms a member of the Civil Alliance bloc "freeze the Constitution useless to others and to the protesters that he would keep the current government."

Sheikh Ali warns that "the freezing of the Constitution would eliminate the role of legislation, monitoring and disrupts the most respected laws that Parliament prepares legislation, such as a general amnesty, which arrived at the final stages." He called for "begin in earnest to amend the Constitution instead of trying to disable it."

Commenting on these leaks, confirms MP Mohammad Chihod, told the (range), that "the private any party to impose its will on the rest of the blocks will increase the crisis in the country."

He was commenting on the chest Chihod threat to those who oppose the reforms, which called her under the dome of the parliament.

The leader of the Sadrist Movement, in a speech delivered on his behalf by one of his aides near the Green Zone gates last Friday, that it will not vote on the "logical reforms" will be a lesson to those who take the names and bold. "

Attorney Chihod counting on "sensible people of the Sadrist movement, in that they are aware of the seriousness of the storming of the Green Zone." But he played down at the same time to resort to this option.

And on calls to freeze the constitution and dissolve parliament, MP Mohammad Chihod "The prime minister is unable to see the dissolution of parliament or the freezing of the Constitution," noting that "the presence of foreign agendas behind that idea." He described the "dependents to declare a state of emergency Ballowahman."

The options on the projected deadline after the end of the chest and the continuing differences between the political blocs on government reforms, Chihod expect "the closest scenario is to replace Abadi another person."