Coalition forces refusing to limit reform on cabinet reshuffle


Sunday , 27th March 2016

Coalition rejected Iraqi forces confining the reform processes in the country at the ministerial change .. The coalition said after an extraordinary meeting in Baghdad attended by Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri , and ministers of the coalition in the current government to change the minister should be justified and be in consultation with the political blocs and through the constitutional procedures that ensures the leadership of the coalition and parliamentary blocs , the right to nominate you think fit in accordance with the qualifications set by the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi.

He said the alliance's political body has been discussed at the meeting the issue of cabinet reshuffle launched by al - Abadi as an entry point for reform where the meeting proved a number of general principles, particularly the support of any effort to reform without the slightest hesitation but he believes that the reshuffle is expected to Ayad enough to fix that was not associated and him reform the curriculum and a clear intention enhanced procedures for the application of the agreed and that the government program includes a change the rest of the joints of the state nominate independent and other special grades also said in a statement Sunday.

He said the coalition that meeting also discussed the launch editor of Nineveh province , where Park offers the armed forces "child nests organize Daash terrorist cooperation with volunteers from the people of Nineveh , local police and the attribution directly from the international coalition operations" .. calling on " the citizens of Nineveh and clans to effective cooperation and rise up in order to defeat terrorism to It is irreversible and the liberation of the city from the claws. " Armed Forces , which is currently fighting to liberate the rest of the cities of Anbar and appealed to be all that would spare civilians from the effects of the fighting, siege and starvation policy.

Also discussed the meeting of displaced persons issues and efforts in this regard where he was assessed moves by the coalition forces in the humanitarian relief side in order to alleviate the suffering of the Displacement and displaced people calling on the government to make more efforts to secure their return to their towns liberated without delay and monitor reasonable budget commensurate with the size of the problem and to develop plans to accommodate the expected numbers of displaced people with the start of liberalization of Nineveh , which was launched last Thursday.

And at the same level Saleem al - Jubouri , head of the House of Representatives chaired today a meeting of the heads and representatives of parliamentary blocs during which they discussed the importance of expediting the process of political reform and the role of parliamentary blocs where where stressed the importance of a program presented by the Prime Minister of a broad reform program and comprehensive.

The unanimous on the need to give a specific time limit for the prime minister to make his reformist " which is of great importance that includes all the ministers as well as independent bodies and special grades and deputy ministers and senior grades and end the state administration positions acting "as a press release to inform the Office of parliament received" Elaf "he said. Has been emphasizing the importance of complete and complete all of the reform process requirements, and comes compatible and consistent with the demands and aspirations of the Iraqi people.

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi said yesterday during a press conference in Baghdad with UN Secretary General Ban Ki - moon said he would be completed this week consultations with blocks political agreement on the final version of this change and other measures to combat corruption.

recognizes Abadi last Thursday the list of nominations for the chest of the Ministers of the Government of technocrats expected, confirmed his office that he will be dealt positively with her ​​and the other nominations as Abadi will present to Parliament the list of amendments to the ministerial within the next week.