State law seeks to ensure the "prime minister" in the event of Abadi decided to resign

03.27.2016 00:26

Long-Presse / Baghdad
State of Law coalition is making strenuous efforts to persuade its allies in the National Alliance to support the reshuffle to be submitted by the Prime Minister later this week.

In an attempt to earn the chest position, won five of the candidates on the list provided by the first, to accept the prime minister, who is expected to choose some of them in the forthcoming amended.

But the bloc of Prime Minister is seeking to take the assurances from the Prime Minister to retain the right to assign one of their candidates if Abadi decided to resign if they do not get the confidence of Parliament.

It is expected the prime minister, backed by state law, a crucial meeting to be convened by the National Alliance on Sunday evening, a day before going to the House of Representatives.

But the citizen bloc confirms move toward the formation of political parties to allow the formation of a new bloc with the government to ensure the representation of the components inside.

And ended on Saturday, al-Sadr announced deadline for the Prime Minister to conduct reforms acceptable to Iraqis and presented to Parliament. And waved the chest with "another pause" in the event of Parliament declined to pass the reforms demanded by.

The past 24 hours intensive meetings between the blocks movement leaders and parties to reach a final version of the new government agreement drawn map and rein in a move to break into the protestors green.

Search and President Fuad Masum, the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, leader of the political developments in the country pass. As al-Hakim, he met on Friday evening, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

To that, the head of the National Alliance and Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari and the Secretary General of the Badr Organization, Hadi al-Amiri, on Saturday, the importance of coordination and cooperation to strengthen the role of the National Alliance during the next phase, while stressing the need to preserve the unity of the national ranks.

Showed close to the Prime Minister's sources (range), that "Abadi will be presented at a meeting of the National Alliance, which will be held on Sunday evening, two options for the adoption of one of them, the first is to conduct a comprehensive ministerial change, and the second replacement of nine ministers."

According to the sources, who asked not to be identified, that "if the components of the coalition agreement on one of the options, the prime minister will go Ptgierath ministerial and submit to parliament on Monday."

The wide-informed sources "there may be a third option would provide him Abadi, in the absence of his conception of the agreement with the national components of the coalition is to submit his resignation," usually "This option will be paper stressful on the forces of the Alliance for decisively in the case of passing the ministerial reforms planned Abadi sent to parliament. "

Sources close to the corridors of the National Alliance negotiations and stresses that the "coalition of state law, fear of political blocs not to vote in the parliament on the ministerial changes, which is still under negotiation and discussions and thus to go this opposition blocs to the process of replacing its ministers to adopt overthrow the government of al-Abadi."

And on the lists of the blocks, which reached the Prime Minister, the sources says that "the State of Law bloc has reviewed all the names sent by the Commission to the chest to the Prime Minister was chosen five figures a candidate to fill some of the ministries in the new government."

The sources expected that "Abadi choose three characters from the chest list if the change includes nine ministers, but if Vsissar comprehensive change to the selection of the entire five who have been identified by the head of government and the rule of law."

And accelerating the political movement around the cabinet reshuffles, says sources that the "State of Law bloc awaits the outcome of the National Alliance meetings because they do not want to proceed with changes Abadi alone to Parliament, fearing they will be passed in the parliament," he said, adding that al-Abadi bloc "insists that these changes will be among Mtbuniat National Alliance to ensure that they receive the confidence of parliament. "

And on the intersections between the parties of the National Alliance, led by both al-Hakim and al-Sadr, the sources say that "the rule of law'm sure the lack of understanding between the Supreme Council and the Sadrists about compatibility on a candidate for the post of prime minister because of the ambitions of the two teams obtain the position of head of government," asserting that "there are blocks espoused the cause of withdrawal of confidence from the government Abadi, while others tend to keep him in office."

And reveal the sources for dialogues run by the rule of law with political parties to get assurances from the President of the Republic, provided that the written guarantees its commissioning again, in case apologized to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to complete his career.

That is likely to Haider Mawla, MP for the coalition of state law, provides that the Abadi cabinet changes to parliament on Monday. But he said, "most of the National Alliance announces the blocks in front of public opinion, contrary to what posed in the political scenes."

He Mawla, told the (range) that "on Sunday evening will be crucial to the changes of Ministers at a meeting of the National Alliance in order to send the changes to the House of Representatives," stressing that "the delay in the National Alliance, and therefore if there was an agreement would have been passing these changes in the House of Representatives ".

The MP for the rule of law by saying that "the rule of law discussed the resignation of Prime Minister in the event of arrival to a standstill with the political blocs," pointing out that "the alternative to the subject has not been raised at the present time."

Furthermore, another deputy of the state law says that "provide some ministers resignations formality unrealistic because it is conditional demanding the resignation of al-Abbadi of the Dawa party."

MP says Mansour Baaja, told the (range), said that "al-Abadi has no vision for the ministerial reforms was provided by the Parliament and the political blocs to name the corrupt and negligent minister," adding that "the majority of the blocks sticking respective ministers, websites and other positions."
In turn, confirms the presence of the citizen mass political movement led by some political blocs to form a majority government in the event that Abadi pass his reforms in parliament.

He explained MP Mohammad Allkash (range), that "the masses will not remain indifferent about what is happening movements by al-Abadi." He added that "the formation of a majority government does not necessitate the participation of all the Shiite or Sunni or Kurdish ingredients, but each requires the participation of the Iraqi people."

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