Central Bank: Rising dollar prices caused by market speculators

Economy Since 27.03.2016 at 12:26 (Baghdad time)

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The central bank said on Sunday that the high and low price of the dollar depends on the ratio of demand and supply in the market, noting that the economic reality is heavily influenced what is happening in the Iraqi street.

He said the bank official media Acer Jabbar's / balances News /, "The rising dollar prices caused by speculative markets," noting that "the Iraqi Central Bank is committed to the laws and mechanisms and conditions that followed Iraq with all the banks to sell the dollar."

He added that "the central bank would continue to monitor banks and market records strict sanctions on banking and financial remittance companies," stressing that "the process of rising and falling dollar prices based on supply and demand existing in the market process as most of the market needs today is towards imports and the recent increase lead to increased demand for the dollar. "

He pointed out that "the economic situation in the country is affected by what is happening in the Iraqi street, and what affects the political and security process."

The Iraqi market has seen a rise in the dollar's exchange rate against one dinar during the last two days where he arrived arrived in 1275 dinars Araca.anthy

From: Nur al-Din Wahba