The Ministry of Commerce calls are processed for the car companies to reconsider contractual mechanisms

Published in: 14:18, March 27, 2016

BAGHDAD - Local - opinion -
General Company for Car Trade in the Ministry of Commerce announced, adopted new measures to invite companies equipped cars with the private sector to find a new contractual mechanisms.
According to a statement of the company, it received the (opinion) International version of it that "the company will invite representatives of the companies contracted with them to find a new contractual mechanisms consistent with the conditions of the current phase of economic and financial situation that Iraq is going through."
He added that "financial conditions and the decline in the economic situation requires new procedures and contractual mechanisms, should have been agreed upon with the companies that have contracts with the company as well as the importance of exchanging views with those companies to prepare a plan processing contract commensurate with the circumstances of the stage."
The statement pointed out that "the company has several contracts to equip cars with local and international companies in order to meet the needs of the Iraqi market, and succeeded remarkably processing of large numbers of them in accordance with the sale of the mechanisms."
He continued, "There are other applications for the purchase of new cars to be dealt with now," .anthy