The dollar hit a new pricier him in Kurdistan markets


By Roudao 26 minutes ago


Roudao- Erbil

US dollar continues to rise in the Kurdistan Region markets, and scored on Sunday, a new record for him, and attributed the decision of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Parliament, the reason for this is that the central bank has become poses less than dollar amounts than before.

The price exceeds US $ 100, Sunday, 03/27/2016, in the province of Kurdistan markets (127 thousand and 600 dinars), and this is a new price lately that have not seen such a rise.

He said the decision of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament, Ahmed Haji Rashid, network Roudao media, "the central bank introduced less than the dollar amounts in the market for some time, and this is the reason for the high dollar prices."

The Central Bank of Iraq, raises $ 150 million a day to the market earlier, which was maintaining the stability of the dollar rates, but the bank reduce the amount to 75 million dollars, which led to a rise in the dollar price.

He said Rashid, that "the text of the federal budget for the 2015 law to put up $ 75 million just to market, the central bank was not committed to this, but it seems that this law will work from now on."

Also it constitutes dollar selling by the Central Bank of Iraq at a lower price than the market price, preventing a rise in the US dollar price in the market.