Parliamentary Security ruled out a coup and criticizing the strict internal measures to cut off roads

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Parliamentary Security ruled out a coup and criticizing the strict internal measures to cut off roads
{Baghdad} Euphrates News chairman of the parliamentary security and defense ruled out of quitting, coups on the government, stressing that "the protestors committed as peaceful and there is no threatening situation, criticizing some of the measures the Ministry of Interior in banditry and harassment of citizens.
He said Zamili told {Euphrates News} "The security measures is normal but to turn crack down more fashionable and about some of the ministries is unacceptable, especially around the Interior Ministry, because the responsibility of the ministry to protect citizens and not be the ministries to take care to protect its officials and leave the Iraqi citizen, and therefore the increase in precautions that there is a target of these ministries is wrong. "
"The normal situation and the protesters in their place and committed as peaceful, has visited the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr on Monday night and met a number of officers and commanders, in the Green Gate is welcome widely by the military and civilians, Mr. al-Sadr and his nocturnal tour of the capital, and the visit is a message of reassurance to the street, and a message to politicians the need to implement reforms called for by the Iraqi people and authorized under Mr. Sadr, and there must be reform, and does not continue lying and procrastination and lack of seriousness. "
He said the absence of such thing as a coup, but there are reform must be achieved and no one can stand in front of the reforms, Mr. Sadr There are no no intention to get the gains and discharged from all the politicians do not nominate a particular person and has nothing to do with any personal and did not nominate anyone for any post was, and asked gains all the Iraqi people without discrimination, noting that "if Mr. Sadr, raising his hand from the demands nothing will come of the demands of the masses."
And about 45 deadline, said that "things are, however, Mr. al-Sadr and has plans and alternatives in dealing with the delay in the reshuffle and reform but the delay is not the interests of the status quo and not the welfare of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi."
On the news to withdraw weapons from local police at checkpoints, Zamili said that "some of the interior ministry measures are not good and the bush of the party and invite them to move away from the party, the party of self affects the state administration, pointing to the existence of mobilizing and procedures affecting the citizens, adding that" Interior Minister Mohammed Ghaban says he has nothing to do security work on the security breaches that take place in the capital say am an administrator, while entering today's work security and even intervene in the Baghdad operations command procedures. "
He concluded Zamili, one of the Sadrist movement Liberal bloc, "I as president of the Commission on Security and Defence'm not Matsma and work neutrally and I follow the protestors even Atqa any friction between them and the security forces and make all efforts to ensure calm."
The some media picked inaccurate news about the existence of coups and besieged Green Zone, which includes the government, the parliament and various diplomatic missions.
.anthy Citizens' movement as the capital Baghdad witnessed this morning under tight security measures around the Interior Ministry in the Rusafa and cut to most of the main roads, causing a lot of momentum and Shell 1