The return of more than 6000 families to areas liberated in Anbar

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[Where - Baghdad]
It returned more than 6000 displaced families to their areas liberated in Anbar province.
And it announced that the Ministry of Displacement and Migration Anbar branch said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Sunday, "the latest statistics from the local councils declared 6515 the return of thousands of displaced families to inhabit areas after its liberation."
The statement continued that "the regions of the vine and the island topped areas the return of families to them, as the number of returning to 3600 thousand families either regions of the modern village and Znkurh has reached the number of families returning her 2515 family, while 200 families have returned to Joabh in Ramadi, as in Alsidikah zone."
"The cases of displacement and return of families in Anbar variable according to the conditions of security and edit areas by the security forces."
Security forces managed to free a large group of Anbar province, areas of Daash terrorist gangs, where security forces announced earlier in the city of Ramadi edit the entire time.