World Bank: Iraq will occupy a prominent place for our plan to invest $ 20 billion [d
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    World Bank: Iraq will occupy a prominent place for our plan to invest $ 20 billion [d

    World Bank: Iraq will occupy a prominent place for our plan to invest $ 20 billion [detailed]

    Published on: 26/3/2016, 17:21 Published by: Messenger of Delphi

    World Bank Jim Yong Kim announced that the bank plans to invest $ 20 billion in the Middle East and that Iraq will occupy the "prominent position" in them.

    Young said Kim during his speech hosted in the parliament session today in the presence of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the President of the Islamic Development Bank Ahmed Mohamed Ali said in a statement to inform the Parliament "from this rostrum, I present my great optimism, that democracy take root in Iraq, despite the enormous challenges that this noble country is facing. "

    He added, "Iraq has chosen the path of political partnership - a decision that resulted in difficult challenges, but it heralds a lot of good, it also makes the most vocal political climate, it requires compatibility between the various Iraqi people and its diversity and plurality of categories, creating a general climate gives everyone the freedom of expression , it also requires political concessions to build a broad and necessary alliances to achieve national objectives, as far as what appeared to be engaged the Iraqi people in the political process, in various denominations, complex, and as it is difficult, it is most important element in the installation of the required long-term stability. as these challenges, they are in fact, the strength of evidence. "

    "The history of the Levant area indicates the health of this matter, as long as the harmonic communities experienced a stable and prosperous, and societal diversity that enriches the region, enhancing the capacity of public institutions and contributes to the public interest, and by maintaining the balance between the central authority and the local self-government , leaders work to consolidate the legitimacy and gain people's confidence, and strengthened public investment in good governance, governance and infrastructure actors of social development and economic exchanges systems. "

    He Yong Kim said that "In contrast, systems that cemented the split - where he practiced favoritism and sectarian quotas and discrimination on the basis of identity failed, and landed dynasties, which has expanded in the centralization of power, and weakened the local communities and municipalities, and where absent equality in the process of taxation and the distribution of resources, exacerbated grievances, and created additional challenges to central authority. "

    He noted the World Bank president said that "In recent months, the Iraqi parliament has established these facts in his work with the government to address the enormous challenges, including conflict and economic crisis, for example, forces fighting Daash skills and strength of all the Iraqi people to regain control of the land used national, and that success shows the strength of the Iraqi people when they unite to face the common national cause. "

    He stressed, "We also have achieved an effective balance between the central authority and local self-governance, and you support the emergency measures to improve local governance and to earn the trust of citizens in the liberated areas, and allowed agree to loan in the amount of 350 million US dollars from the World Bank to support local authorities the possibility of helping to restore basic infrastructure , public services, for Iraqi citizens in the areas that have been liberated from the control of Daash. "

    And that "our joint work to assess the needs of the regions, cities and municipalities most affected by conflict and displacement, the best proof of the importance of interaction between local governance and federal leadership, and remains the support of the central authorities to the work of local communities and municipalities of the most important elements that lead to meet the Iraqi people's needs and enhance the legitimacy of the state."

    He argued that "At the same time, helped investments in the field of reforms at the federal level to mitigate the effects of falling oil prices and improve governance and governance system, which the foundation stone for the development and prosperity situation," noting that "your efforts to strengthen the social protection system means the flow more public resources to the most vulnerable segments of the suffering and danger, and will lead to end the monopoly of public banks and stimulate the private sector's role in the field of electricity generation to increase competitiveness, and to enhance the strength of the economy and its diversity. "

    He noted the World Bank President that "the World Bank Group has provided $ 1.2 billion to support this reform effort - the largest direct funding we have presented to this day to a country in the Middle East and North Africa, and in parallel effort in the field of management systems and good governance, We've also Bachertm in activating more investment in infrastructure, creating great opportunities to take advantage of potential geographical location enjoyed by Iraq. "

    And Ooodh Wang Kim that "Iraq is a country located the center of a strategic zone, where an economic integration key to peace and prosperity in the future, has been approved by the parliament, two years ago, the ambitious and far-reaching process, a strategy aimed at opening up of Iraq at the regional surroundings, and represents the repair and rebuilding of the road No. 1 in the south, crossing the border from the north to Turkey, President of the bridges to the future of Iraq as a central hub in the trade sector. "

    "We are in the process of planning for the expansion of those efforts, which are the result of a close partnership between the government and the World Bank and the Islamic Development Bank, they are the best proof of the achievements that we can achieve for the benefit of the Iraqi people through joint action, Consider what it could mean further progress in this areas to ensure a better future. "

    He added that "Iraq, whose total domestic product of about US $ 200 billion a year, represents one of the largest economies in the Middle East, even after years of conflict, and the central location of Iraq and the borders have repercussions transformational for the entire region, it will reflect the impact of growth , stability and prosperity to hundreds of millions of human beings, and this is one of the reasons why the World Bank is investing strongly in helping the Iraqis build a path towards a better tomorrow. "

    He continued, "It is also the reason that Iraq will occupy a prominent place in our plans to invest US $ 20 billion in the development of the Middle East and North Africa by 2021, which is equivalent to three times the amount that was invested during the past five years, but make the most of this opportunity It means that on Iraq to continue to build the foundations of an inclusive society includes everyone, and we see that there are three crucial steps in this regard:

    First, if we take a fresh look at the social, cultural and geographical axes traditional in Iraq, we consider that the most appropriate way to protect the cohesion of the country and to maintain them, is through the follow-up work begun by Oslavkm- any empower communities and strengthen their capabilities, including municipalities, the bank can international assistance in the payment of these efforts to new heights, we have proposed the use of financial assistance to reward those local authorities that can demonstrate their ability to build a comprehensive system of good governance and governance which ensures the rights of all and offers high-quality public services, and the aim of this funding to enhance the efficiency of the municipal level technical support and efficiency.

    Second, should the Iraq diversifying economic activities. The key to success is to create incentives for the private sector to invest in it, and that would unleash the creativity of the Iraqi people and his genius, which will help the Iraqis on the production of services and advanced tools, you, the representatives of the people, you have the ability to adopt laws that would open the door to young entrepreneurs projects and innovations owners, those groups that are willing to take risks and to engage in new projects.

    Third, should Iraq rearrange domestic economic conditions, and reduce the waste of resources, and promoting accountability and implementation of the necessary and important reforms, in the energy sector, for example, must implement reforms at the level of processing support is allocated for this sector worthwhile, and which contributes to Ajzaan supply of electricity on a continuous basis, and when they replace cash transfers, targeting the poor and needy, store support, will improve the level of efficiency and equity. "

    "It is also necessary to reform public institutions that impede private-sector growth, stimulating the emerging institutions to contribute to economic growth, and result in strengthening the involvement of citizens in public affairs to more scrutiny on government spending, and the fight against corruption, and strengthen transparency and enhance the legitimacy of the public sector in Iraq. We are confident that Iraq will receive required to reduce the financial burden resulting from the fall in oil prices support, so by emphasizing his commitment to those reforms seriously.

    He said the World Bank president told members of the House of Representatives, "The Iraqi people need you, and your capacity as leaders democratically elected, the work critical to help him complete his energies to achieve, and it was Iraq, over the centuries, is an example of human development in the Arab world, and attracted the Iraqi university students from All over the world; where he provided high levels of education, and lies all hope that Iraq will play that role again. ".

    And that "In order to achieve these goals, we should encourage individual opportunities through the provision of public services quality, and the climate of open and competitive action, and the need to ensure that all Iraqis benefit from the oil revenues, even in the face of setbacks and the enormous challenges, the only hope It is to rely on people's strength and resilience, through strong institutions that includes everyone and is capable of continuity. "

    He concluded by saying, "Let me, at the end of my speech, to convey to the Iraqi people, who stood in the face of war, violence and conflict, and who explained to the world the meaning of resistance, steadfastness, courage, nobility and magnanimity, Iraq has a deep and rich history can build it bright and prosperous future and you, the representatives of the people, you may have taken away your responsibility to lead this great country toward that future, and from this platform, announced today that our commitment is as follows: the World Bank, at every step of this long journey will stand at your side, and along with every Iraqi citizen about justice, development and peace and common prosperity. "

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