Agriculture: development of new pricing systems to sprinkler irrigation and drip

Economy - BAGHDAD / justice - 12:39 - 27/03/2016 - Hits: 11

The Ministry of Agriculture / Agriculture Department of Karbala announced a new pricing for the systems, sprinkler irrigation pivot and determine drip irrigation systems for trees, vegetables, according to the principle of direct sales for the acquisition by the peasants and Almzaraein.ozkr ministry statement that "the Department of Agriculture in the province of Karbala announced the General Company for Agricultural Supplies version Fares new No. 8 of 2016 to determine drip of trees, vegetables and systems, sprinkler irrigation pivot and sold to farmers and farmers, according to the principle of direct sales in order to provide them and use in the performance of the agricultural professional work in order to contribute to increase production of strategic crops and vegetative ".onql statement on mechanization Division official irrigation systems in the Directorate say, "General Company for Agricultural Supplies and put pricing No. 9 of 2016 systems, sprinkler irrigation pivot price of 70 million and 694 thousand and 595 dinars," noting that "the pricing of drip irrigation systems reached one million and 266 thousand and 131 dinars, according to the area."