The end of the preparations for the establishment of Maysan , the third exhibition of energy and reconstruction and investment

2016-03-27 07:08:13 | (Voice of Iraq) - Maysan

Local government Maysan announced and put the finishing touches to the exhibition Maysan Third International Energy Agency and reconstruction, which will be held on the land of Maysan Oil Company on Sunday.

The head of the oil in the province of Maysan, Rahi Albzona in a statement that " the aim of the exhibition is to convey a real message and are directly to companies, that Maysan is still safe and fertile and the climate suitable environment for investment , " adding , "directed more than 45 invited Arab and foreign and local companies to participate in the exhibition. "

Albzona "The exhibition , which comes third Pencchth, local government and aspiring through increased economic activity and the movement of wheel support development in the province and Iraq in general through the entry of international companies in the field of investment."