Entry of three manufacturing plants to serve in Muthanna early April

2016-03-27 08:14:08 | (Voice of Iraq) - Al - Muthanna

The local government announced in Muthanna province from the arrival of three manufacturing plants the ability of 33-11 to at the beginning of next month , the service, noting that the work of these stations will solve part of the problem of distribution of electric power to the areas of the province.

The aide said the Governor for Energy , Shaker al - Jubouri said in a statement that these stations are distributed on the greens and Rumaitha and Samawa regions, indicating that the coming period will also see the opening of the Korean - built manufacturing plant near spend greens.

He called al - Jubouri , the Ministry of Electricity to work on the reform of the diesel plant of 60 MW, to be added to the gas station of Samawah that generate 20 megawatts to achieve stability in power supply during the next summer.

It recalls that the province of Muthanna areas suffer from the crisis in the distribution of electric power because of the lack of manufacturing plants which depend on the next generation of plants in Nasiriyah, Diwaniyah energy.