Proposals to raise agricultural production in order to achieve self-sufficiency

3/27/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
Unified strategy of water resources contribute to the development of active agricultural production through the adoption of proper planning, which aims to achieve economic feasibility and provides billions of dollars annually spent on the import of agricultural products and crops can provide inside Iraq.

Economic expert Abdul Hussein al-Hakim, warned in an interview for »morning« to achieve plans strategy is linked to the achievement of conditions and environments conducive be the basis to reach the goals, and the induction the near future from the current conditions are not optimistic and the possibilities of change is low, such as agriculture's future will be linked to the conditions of the current factors of production and future, pointing to the need to develop effective outreach programs led by the Ministry of water resources and the participation of all parties used for water.

Increase production

He added that the Iraqi population growth rate of 2.6 percent would lead to increased demand for agricultural commodities, food commodities, especially, planning to increase domestic production in order to achieve reached the highest possible proportion of self-sufficiency with population growth, and to achieve the desired agricultural production must be reinvested available water resources the best investment possible increased whenever possible.

Hakim stressed the importance of intensive counseling to reduce Aldhaiat in agricultural products after harvest through agriculture in the territory ripe for the creation of good planting to reduce the number of remaining plant in the field after harvest and regulating harvesting and orientation towards the transport and storage of without losing that.

Shopping pattern

The students work on the deployment of consumer awareness towards the rationalization of consumption and change the style towards alternative crops consuming less water for irrigation, changing shopping and home storage pattern, changing cooking methods of the direction of least damage and reduce Aldhaiat and damage.

And the wise need to work to increase the fertility of the soil to raise the unit area productivity through the reclamation of saline land full Astslaha, the use of leverage for the fertility of materials such as fertilizers chemical, organic fertilizers, green manure and use of agricultural courses interference pulses where the prevention of pests and plant diseases before injury and control at the beginning of infection , as well as raising the efficiency of field irrigation systems and access to optimum productivity for the unity of water, to exploit the largest possible area of ​​plant production through the deployment of sprinkler and drip irrigation systems instead of irrigation Alchrista.

Consumption rates

He stressed that the adoption of methods to maximize the unity of water productivity of agricultural products and raising the earth yields rates to lower unit of land consumption of irrigation water rates, and give priority to the least of crops consuming water to produce the same calories or animal protein or both.

He urged to stop the waste resulting from the irrigation of marginal land or less productive, and the exploitation of water in the most productive lands and the reclamation of saline land and Almngdqh full Astslaha to return to their original productivity and to go to the desert land promising and the countryside and the edges of deserts in cultivation by converting the excess to the water as well as the exploitation of groundwater and the work stands on the slopes of a soils productive soils and the use of processed or transmitted over the territory women with endocrine classes and the use of sprinkler or drip irrigation in the gypsum land.