A global conference to discuss Arab bourses

3/27/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning
The Arab Federation of Exchanges, in cooperation with the Amman Stock Exchange, «the annual conference of the Federation of AFE 2016», which will hold its first session in the twenty-seventh of next month and will last for two days in the Jordanian capital Eman.ostntaleg the conference, hosted by the Four Seasons Hotel Amman, participate in the conference a number of specialists on a global level and members of committees, at the international and regional levels, to provide highly relevant and interactive measures and address all the important issues in exchanges for all stakeholders Almnian.obhsp industry site Union of Arab Stock exchanges, the delegations participating in the conference will benefit from the best possible networking opportunities and will hold a series of panel discussions and engage in the main topics discussed by senior international market experts and Alakulaima.oukal Dr. Fadi Khalaf Secretary-General of the Union of Arab Stock exchanges, in a speech published on the website of the Union: annual Conference has become AFE one of the upcoming events this year, it combines financial market experts from all over the world to exchange experiences and ideas.

He said «that this year's conference is the perfect event to provide an opportunity for all stakeholders, stock exchanges and financial institutions, fund managers, and technology providers and the media, who will meet in a unique atmosphere, with the players in the regional and international market to listen to actors discussions that cover key issues facing the industry in the Arab region and in the world », and continued behind: will shed light on the high-interest current topics in international and Arab markets, describing the conference as« a platform to enable the exchange of knowledge and experience in a dynamic environment, and promote the transfer of best practices within the region and provide the best possible networking opportunities » , and he pointed out that the discussions will cover a wide range of topics and shed light on the international markets, and capital formation and economic growth for a small business, and the role of financial institutions, and classifications in the Arab region, and Arab markets, and the role of the media in the exchange industry.