Jubouri: We support reforms in accordance with the Constitution and we will proceed ultimatum deputies

{Baghdad} Euphrates News confirmed Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the support of the parliament of the reforms in accordance with the framework of the constitution and the law.
According to a parliamentary source told {Euphrates News}, said Jubouri alive , " the masses of fans claim their legitimate rights in the reform and the fight against corruption and the advancement of the Iraqi reality."
The statement quoted al - Jubouri , saying that "the House of Representatives representing all the political components , and since the first day for the start of the demonstrations was still in favor and supportive and even participants in these reforms in accordance with the constitutional and legal frameworks , "noting that" the House of Representatives embarked on reforms that fall within the responsibility guaranteed by the Iraqi Constitution. "
He said al - Jubouri , " the existence of a number of MPs who have exceeded Gaabathm limit of absences and vacations , "pointing out that" the Board will initiate direct warning to the House of Representatives ".anthy