Jubouri: Parliament will not hesitate to take up the Government Accountability tasks

{Baghdad} Euphrates News confirmed Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, said the parliament will not hesitate to hold the government accountable, in the event of failure tasks. And the transfer of his press office, told {Euphrates News} for al - Jubouri , during the parliamentary session, saying that "the House of Representatives and under his powers and as the regulator the highest in the country have called on the government to expedite submission of its reform measures , " stressing that " the Council will not hesitate to use its powers in control and accountability of the government if it failed to perform its tasks assigned to it. "
He called al - Jubouri, the parliamentary committees to" submit its proposals or evaluation reports for the performance of ministers, according to its competence in order to allow the House of Representatives accountable to and to hold each minister to prove negligence or corruption. "
He pointed out that" the decision the House of Representatives in relation to constitutional duties depends upon the will of his deputies who are elected by the Iraqi people, "he" can not be the will of any pressure subject or authority other than the Iraqi constitution , the authority, which is subject to him all the wills and powers, with respect and high appreciation to all those who seek to reform. "
and the price Jubouri "all sincere intentions that seek to serve this country and its people", directed on behalf of the parliament , " a distress call to the government to work on the relief of civilians in Fallujah , " .anthy