Abadi: fix includes relying on the private sector to increase production and enhance State revenues
March 26, 2016 3 0


Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi to reform themes are not limited to change Ministerial, but reliance on the private sector and given the opportunity to participate in the increase of domestic output and doubling imports of the country in order to contribute to reducing dependence on oil

Abadi, during a joint press conference with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, President of the Islamic Development Bank Ahmed Ali, and was attended by the correspondent economy news, The other axle in repair is to rely on the private sector and given the opportunity to participate in further local output and a doubling of imports in order to help reduce dependence on oil, a sign that the Government is continuing its work on multiple sectors including construction and export.

The Prime Minister revealed the Government spending reduction to 40%, as well as continuing to discuss the cabinet reshuffle with parliamentary blocs, hoping to ask Cabinet to Parliament this week.

The Prime Minister was greeted Saturday by the United Nations Secretary-General and the President of the World Bank and the Islamic Development Bank President.