Through Parliament. Iraq requests compensation from the international and Islamic banks

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The balance of news
Media Advisor to House speaker avy, Saturday, the hubs hosting the heads of the World Bank and the Islamic Bank will include how to make international finance international Iraq at a time when we face danger daash hand and severe financial crisis.

He said Khafaji/balance news "host the heads of the World Bank and the Islamic Parliament will focus on material and human losses paid by Iraq as a price war with terrorism", stating that "it is essential that Iraq enjoys the support of international economic actors, notably international and Islamic banks especially at a time when the country risk daash, on the one hand, and a financial crisis because of low oil prices on the other."

Khafaji said "Ban Ki-moon will deliver a speech during the meeting on the draft United Nations and other international organizations."
Khafaji recalled that "will focus on how to reconstruct the cities destroyed by daash through international financial support for Iraq".

It is hoped that hosting the House Saturday, the 19th meeting of the second legislative term both UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, and President of the World Bank and the IDB President, adding to the discussion of certain draft laws. All over.

From: Ahmed zemim