Twilight News / ft Iraqi Planning Minister Salman Jumaili his resignation to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in the wake of recent changes to provide ready Chkelih government to parliament next week.

Previously Jumaili ministers of the Supreme Council, oil, transport, youth and sports, to submit their resignations Abadi, who decided to make changes, according to leaks of the nine ministers in the current government.

Jumaily said in an interview with MEMRI for Twilight News, that he had submitted his resignation to Prime Minister al-Abadi, so Amha "the opportunity and flexibility to proceed with reforms without being subject to speculations and pressures."

He pointed out that he is willing to continue to work at the ministry, while accepting the resignation or investigation reshuffle "with my willingness to take on any responsibility or shorten my time in the ministry."

He added, "I could with my team in the Ministry of Planning to work silently and with all sincerity to address the financial crisis faced by the country where we were able to reduce the financial obligations on the state of more than two hundred and eighty trillion dinars to about one hundred and sixty million dinars, as well as other achievements of Aitisa numerous to mention."

The candidate Jumaili Union national forces led by Osama al.