Orbit News" published the 19th session of the parliament's agenda tomorrow
The House of Representatives revealed, on Friday, on the work of the 19th session agenda , which will be held on Saturday 26/3/2016
A statement to the House of Representatives received 'orbit News' version of it, which read as follows.
Session starts at: 10 am
1: Hosting gentlemen of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and World Bank President and Chairman of the Islamic Bank.
2: Display deputies names and names reached the last limit is exhausted holidays.
3: The first reading of the law the government banks.
4: The first reading of the law of the abolition of dissolved Revolutionary Command Council Resolution No. (100) for the year 2000. (article).
5: Report and discuss the abolition of the now defunct Coalition Authority Order No. Law (68) for the year 2004. (3 items).
6: Report and discussion of the Ministry of Interior Act.
7: quarterly activity of the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs report.
8: quarterly activity of the Committee of Martyrs and victims and political prisoners report.
9: quarterly activity report of the Commission on Higher Education and Scientific Research.