Sadr calls Abadi real reforms package and the announcement of a technocrat government and not tomorrow ..!


Friday 25 March 2016

BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / student cleric Muqtada al - Sadr , Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to provide reforms satisfactory to the Iraqi people pack on Saturday, indicating that the demonstrators will have the words of another in the absence of a reform package, vowing parliamentarians who fail to vote a mixture lesson to those who take it peacefully.

He said in his letter addressed to the demonstrators and protesters and read by Sheikh Asaad Nazareth during Friday unified prayers held today near the gate of the green Zone in the Karada Mariam with the participation of hundreds of thousands of protesters: "what you are doing now , the popular epic revolutionary Batsamkm organized this all sections of the people and to shoot the family and one that is not us demonstrating or picketing or other protests, it is a national Allowaaz sacred patriotism , who grew up where we are with you since our earliest childhood and to this day, this country is worth every sacrifice, hence I kept hoping that wakes the others from Nomthm to make them imprint of honor and pride in defending the unity of Iraq and its security and sovereignty record. "

He said al- Sadr:" We still hope that the clans and our students and our workers and our farmers and our employees and our men and women to take responsibility in supporting their country and rid their rights from the clutches of the corrupt, and we stand now in the surveys sit - in surveys together jihad to save Iraq from the deviant group, I do not mean Aldoaash only, especially since Aldoaash came from larger incubator which is rampant corruption in the joints of the state, everyone Lahiya was collected to steal money and install the chair creaking, and as many countries fell lose Iraq if not advised of this remissions. "

He continued:" We now do our duty before God and before our people as a whole and everyone is sympathetic with us, compassion and unity is not enough, do our duty before our conscience and protect the wounded Iraq of corruption and the corrupt, this does not mean that do not offer what is more , even without the intervention of Moqtada, it must be everyone is a poet of responsibility, otherwise we lose everything we have done in the blink of an eye, so I find it incumbent upon us to continue to support the reforms by peaceful means exclusively. "

He added:" I hope the prime minister to come out on Saturday , new reforms convincing people toward independent government of technocrats and ministers renewed pleasing to the people not to blocks that battle for survival and for its dominance of the capabilities of the oppressed people, and if declared Abadi for reforms package satisfying the conditions available and the lack of action on the party of power and authority of the party and if the promised package of new reforms , a comprehensive specific duration will backing and support actively a more peaceful means. " and" in the case of al - Abadi reforms satisfactory package to parliament did not reach an appropriate vote will not be but a diversion but a generalization of the protests to be against anyone who did not vote of parliamentarians, will be a lesson to those who take the names and bold, but in case not announce reforms satisfactory package will be us another pause announce it on Saturday after the despair of the announcement, and will not limit ourselves to Batsamna in front of the green Zone, and all within the peaceful protests that upholding but corruption and the corrupt. "

He added:" so everybody commitment as peaceful and orders the central and not to the individual to act, there are those who are betting on the failure Anillatkm and your respect and penetrations that might get by lurking, and I still bet on your organization and your obedience and Anillatkm and your central commands, and this is what the world saw and touched the friend and the enemy, there is no Tejebwa hopes and waste your efforts and our efforts, and to you my sincere love, respect and appreciation. "

For his part , praised Sheikh Asaad Nazareth in his speech there was a "Sunni turbans as well as Shiite turbans and the presence of religious people as well as civilians . " He said in his speech: "the enemy Aldaasha and corrupt politicians share the thinking of one , that is the destruction of the people of all sects and the depletion of its energies and its economy and the elimination of its wealth and destiny, politicians corrupt Alkabon in the region / barren / are not different much about the enemy Aldaasha, but they have absorbed our blood and burned our goods before entering enemy Aldaasha to Iraq. "

He added the Nazarene:" We have all classes of people became convinced of the need to stand together and that we've seen the most wonderful pictures in this sit - ins collected all the honorable people, I have tried views partisan malicious that Ttnakm for Aatsamatkm under false pretenses such as not unconstitutional , though they penetrated the Constitution aloud often. "

Addressing the Sheikh of Nazareth than he described as / think of another dictatorship / saying:" the dictatorship will not return and this good faces smell her breath, and they are in trouble for Aihsdon him in the future Christspon you a thousand account and, though Tjahlkm time has gone, in addition to is important, which is that in your hand a lot of escalating steps still and that you are able to do it one hundred percent, and challenge them to say no, and the field will prove it, long as you and as long as the national Aatsamatkm blessed great hope that the next best. "