Iraqi coalition forces in the sudden shift: We are with the change, even if a comprehensive

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He said an alliance of Iraqi forces, on Friday, he was supportive of the reform projects proposed and agreed with the will of the demonstrators to move forward and that the change was comprehensive but according to the mechanics of a clear and agreed upon.

He said coalition forces said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, that "entrenched conviction of the need to create change advocated by the national forces of the Iraqi people put everyone in front of the historical responsibility of the change for the advancement of the new Iraq."

This position is a sudden shift in his coalition Iraqi forces who were the leaders of even a short period of stress on the necessity of staying the rest of the parties to declare the names of candidates put up their candidates with the insistence of adhering to the survival of certain ministers.

He said an alliance of Iraqi forces, saying that "our desire for reform can not take leave of constitutional legal frameworks do not exempt any political bloc of its historic responsibility to participate in change and reform away from auctions media and political or use of the Iraqi street forces to press a particular toward outside the framework of the Constitution or to stop and disrupt the work of the state Iraqi. "

He said coalition forces Iraqi sit-ins six governorates in Iraq and saw it as "formed the first spark demands for reform and change."

He went on to say, "If her books deal with the government Abadi demonstrators and protesters today we actually live in an atmosphere of security and stability and the change did not Daash and militias of the presence or male."

He continued, "How we wished Mr. Sadr not to overlook the rights of our people and the suffering of the displaced and the prisoners, however, gang Daash terrorist because they are waiting for the winds of change and liberation."

And seal an alliance of Iraqi forces statement emphasizing "the consolidation of the process of reform and to deal positively with the big trends of reform and change," .anthy 29

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